5 Effective Ways to Deal With School Bullying

5 Effective Ways to Deal With School Bullying

If you are a victim of bullying in school, you aren’t exactly alone. Bullies are everywhere. In schoolyards, classrooms, school gyms, cafeteria halls, Internet chat rooms, and all across the U.S.A, students in school face bullies on a daily basis. Bullying is typically classified into the following three categories:

  • Non-verbal – excluding the bullying victim from peer group social activities
  • Physical – hitting or punching the victim
  • Verbal – name-calling or teasing

However, there are many advice and tips like self-defense and others to help deal with school bullying. Most of those people that bullies are cowards in reality. This may sound surprising to you if you’re a victim of bullying, but it’s a fact. Researchers show that bullies only pick on those that feel inferior to themselves and the small ones in school. Bullies may be cowards, but they’re probably not shy.

If you want to deal with bullying efficiently, you need to figure out why people bully you and learn how to counteract such behavior. To deal with it appropriately, try reading this article. It gives three effective ways to deal with it:

  1. Be confident

When dealing with school bullying, it is always best that you stay optimistic. Being positive means, you keep your self-esteem up. Never let the bullying bring you down. You know yourself better than any other. You know who you are. Always stay on top. Do not let any situation make you feel inferior.

  1. Learn a Self Defense skill

One of the best to do is to enroll them in Team Randori Martial Arts course at Annapolis. These courses teach self-defense that is highly effective, but they also instill a tremendous amount of self-confidence and self-control that can be effective when dealing with bullies. Sometimes, just learning Team Randori Martial Arts is enough to take you off the list of potential targets for bullies.

  1. Do not mind other people

To deal with bullies positively, it is best that you ignore it. Ignore those people who bully you. They do not know you, and they do not have the right to destroy you. You are the only person who knows yourself the most. Nobody can put you down. When you mind what other people have to say, you are just putting so much stress on your part. Show them that they have no right to bully you by showing them that you do not care.

  1. Be assertive

Be assertive when faced with some bullies from other people. Do not let them bring you down. Do not accept their comment and negative statements when you know the truth. Fight for yourself and fight for what you think is right. This does not mean that you engage in war or fights. Defend yourself from any forms of abuse such as bullies.

  1. Seek guidance

Approaching your parents, guardians, sisters or brothers, grandparents are also a great idea. In most cases though, it’s always best to refer to your parents for guidance. Explain the entire situation to them and be open about how it affects you. Don’t be embarrassed to cry; this will be your release from all your pent-up frustration; crying also heals.

There are so many ways to deal with school bullying. Consider these three helpful ways, and be confident. Believe and trust yourself that nobody can bring you down.